Your Haircut Is Only As Good As Your Barber Shop

At Goldwyn & Sons, we offer flawless results while respecting your time and elevating your grooming experience.

The Hands Down Best Haircuts

Welcome to Goldwyn & Sons Inc, a unique experience crossing a bar and barber shop.

We offer the best haircuts every time. In 30 minutes, you’ll walk out a new man that will stop people in their tracks.


Because our barbers focus on giving you a haircut that makes you look amazing, that is easy to maintain and that looks good even after 4 weeks.

But, we don’t stop there…

The Hands Down Best Barber Shop Experience

We make it easy to book with us at a time that is convenient for you.

When you visit, water or espresso is complimentary. There’s also a fully licensed bar for you to enjoy.

We also offer complimentary wifi so you can sit down and get some work done before or after your haircut.

The Barber Shop For Entrepreneurs

Our shop is unique. It attracts entrepreneurs, investors and high-powered careerists.

You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. At our shop, you surround yourself with highly-motivated people who are chasing financial freedom.

In fact, our most elite clients have taught us the secrets to success and freedom. Sign up to to our newsletter and I’ll send you a FREE 2-pager on that formula.

In the picture above, our most ambitious clients attended a talk on billionaire and Vingroup founder Phạm Nhật Vượng. If you’re eligible, you can also join this group.

Top Services At Our Barber Shop In Oakville

★★★ Most Popular ★★★


$50 | 30 minutes

The standard G&S Offering, that includes expert work from a master barber to make you look better than ever before.

Haircut & Beard

$70 | 45 minutes

The most popular G&S Grooming Experience, with the G&S Haircut along with an unbelievably relaxing and precise beard trim to give you the greatest crown and mane.

The Albin

$110 | 60 minutes

The Complete G&S Grooming Experience. Haircut and Beard (or swap for a hot towel shave), and complete with a drink.

Call us if you need any other services.

Need a haircut after hours? Let us know and we’ll accommodate you.

Because we respect your time and the time of our clients, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you have to cancel within 24 hours, we still ask that you pay for that lost time slot.

Reviews For Our Bronte Barber Shop

I’ve finally found my barbershop for life!

A beautiful space, delightful snacks and fine Japanese whiskeys, seamless scheduling & payment…and most of all, an incredible haircut that grows out really well! I’ve found that most haircuts look great when you leave the shop, but then grow out haphazardly. Not the case here. My hair looks amazing weeks later.

I’ve been there twice now, and recently took my seven year old son as well. He usually hates barbershops and is super picky about his hair…but once he got seated, he talked Russell’s ears off (and Russell politely engaged him), and now he too is a customer for life!

The location in Oakville is pretty nice too. A beautiful pier to walk along before or after your appointment, great restaurants close by…did I mention the Japanese whiskeys you can enjoy while you wait?? What’s not to love!

George Babu

Origin Story Of Goldwyn & Sons

My brother and I (the brown guys in the pic here) have always wanted to help people become the best version of themselves. The easiest path to this achievement is having an amazing haircut and an amazing circle of friends who push you to greatness.

So, together, we decided to quit our jobs and start our own bar and barber shop with this in mind. Problem was, we started the shop 2 weeks before the first COVID shut down. And we were shut down. Multiple times.

Three years later, we made it through, learned a ton of business lessons, forged friendships with clients and fellow entrepreneurs and began to create a space for business guys to look good, chat with other ambitious guys and find their happy space.

We’re here now. Helping guys achieve their dreams. And we’re looking forward to having you join our circle.

Memories Made At Our Barber Shop In Oakville

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What’s different about us?

We literally offer some of the best barber services in the GTA, period. Clients travel up to an hour just to see us. Here’s why…

Time and Convenience

We do everything we can to be on time for your appointment. We offer conveniences for you to make booking your appointment easier.

Master Barber

You’re paying for a barber that is literally the master of his craft (fades, long hair, beards, you name it). Russell has been a barber for over 12 years. When he worked in Mississauga, he was basically a fade machine. He churned out fades 5-6 days a week, 10-15 times a day. Now, people drive over an hour just to get a fade from him. He’s OCD. Sometimes, when you’re about to leave, he’ll ask to you sit down because he wants to fix one more thing.

No Mistakes

Some clients go to other shops for every day haircuts, but come to us when they have a wedding to attend. And some clients have come to us after another barbershop with cheaper prices butchered their hair.

No “Yes” Men

We give haircuts based on your hairstyle preferences, your lifestyle, your hair type, and any scars, patches and cowlicks to give you the perfect look.

We’re not “yes” men. If we think it’s in your best interest, we’ll dig into your hairstyle choices to make sure you get exactly what you hope for. Many clients just end up saying, “Hey man, I trust you. Give me what you think is best.” And they love it.

Amazing Conversations

Clients have said this space is their “happy space”. Wives have told us their husbands find this as their “safe space.” Here, we have talked about family, business, overcoming struggles, building wealth and reaching new heights. You’ll experience that when you become a regular at our shop.

Seriously, your first visit is risk free. If you don’t like it, tell us where we went wrong and the service is free.
There’s literally nothing to lose.

Here’s What They Had To Say:

Goldwyn & Sons Bar and Barber Shop is an upscale local barber shop in Oakville. Their haircuts are based on your hairstyle preferences, lifestyle, hair type, and any scars, patches, and cowlicks to give you a perfect look. They offer flawless results using highly skilled barbers while respecting your time and elevating your barber experience. At Goldwyn & Sons Bar and Barber Shop, you will enjoy quality haircuts, great conversations about life, excellent liquor, unparalleled hospitality, and a warm and inviting atmosphere. They honor your time, make it easy to book your appointments and pamper your experience with a liquor bar where you can chat or get some work done.

Location And Timings Of Our Barber Shop In Bronte


67 Bronte Rd, Unit 6
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
L6L 3B7


Open by appointment only

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services provided by your barber shop?

We offer Haircuts, Undercuts, Comb Overs, Textured, Tapers, Fades, Crew Cuts, Buzz Cuts, Slick Backs, Faux Hawks, Quiffs, Pompadours, Haircut & Beard Trims, Beard Trims, Mustache Trimming and Hot Towel Shaves.

How experienced is your barber?

Russell gained his experience on the ground in Streetsville, Mississauga, learning from the best. He was giving fades, haircuts and beard trims to people of all backgrounds, 5 days a week, 10 hours a day, 3 haircuts an hour – for 12 years. That adds up. You’re in good hands with him as your barber.

Do you accept walk-ins or do I need to make an appointment?

We accept walk-ins, but we encourage calling in to check the wait time. We usually have open time slots Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Fridays, Saturday and Sunday fill up fast.

What are your operating hours?

Open by appointment only!

What is the price range for your services?

  • The Albin (the whole package – drink, haircut, beard, hair wash and style): $107
  • Haircut: $47
  • Haircut & Beard: $67
  • Beard Trim: $37
  • Hot Towel Shave (face or head): $55
  • Haircut (kids 12 and under): $37
  • Haircut (seniors 65 and over): $37
  • Drinks: Cocktail (except Sunday): $15

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit (AMEX, Mastercard, Visa), debit and cash.

Do you sell any hair care or grooming products?

Yes we do. We sell the hair product we use to style your hair and the tools you need to look good at home.

Is there parking available near the shop?

Yes, there’s parking immediately attached to our building. Parking is free on the streets after 6pm. Do not park in the Denniger’s parking lot though. They’ll tow your car in a second.

Have more questions about your next haircut, shave, beard trim or any other service at our barber shop?

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