The History of the Barber Shop

The barber trade has existed since ancient times but, the barber shop, as we know it, is more recent.

Essentially, a barber shop is a place where barbers render barber services. And, since most men can’t cut their own hair, most men visit barber shops.

But, as a consequence, this also meant that it became a hub for political and intellectual debates of all kinds.

Barber shops as places for important meetings

In the 1900s, the humble barber shop was the rare platform allowing black men to express their opinions. This contributed to the Civil Rights movement in the United States.

Then, during Prohibition, the humble barber shop became a meeting place for members of the mafia. Mobsters would get their haircuts and shaves all while discussing business deals.

In the 1960s, barber shops became a place to raise awareness for different causes such as cancer research. More recently, Goldwyn & Sons supported fundraising for suicide awareness.

In the 21st century, the humble barber shop is still an important social hub for their local communities, serving as a gathering space for men to discuss important matters of the day, such as the latest election results or political decisions. And with social media distancing everyone from each other, the barber shop is one of the few places where they can again connect with each other to laugh and enjoy each others company.

Though small, the barber shop has played a monumental role as host of some of history’s most important meetings.

Goldwyn & Sons

When Goldwyn & Sons was first formed in 2020, we poured a lot of capital into its interior design so that men could find this space to be their own – a place not only to get a haircut, but also to meet with one another, talk about the news and watch sports.

COVID paused that possibility, but now that it is behind us, we have again returned to that preeminent position of being Oakville’s most prestigious social gathering space. Connected with that hope, Goldwyn & Sons hosts a beautiful liquor bar reserved only for its patrons.

We hope you’ll enjoy your next haircut with Oakville’s Best Barbershop, Goldwyn & Sons.


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