We have one barbers on our team, Russell and Ben. Russell is on the left and Ben is on the right.

Photo courtesy of BronteBIA


Russell has been a barber for over 12 years. When he worked in Mississauga, he was basically a fade machine. He churned out fades 5-6 days a week, 10-15 times a day. Now, people drive over an hour just to get a fade from him. He’s OCD. Sometimes, when you’re about to leave, he’ll ask to you sit down because he wants to fix one more thing.

One client came in and said, “If you’re good, you’ll see me every 2 weeks.” Russell responded, “Well, I guess I’ll see in 2 weeks.” That client has come back every 2 weeks. His wife told him, “Yeah, this is a good spot. Keep going there.”


There’s one more guy on the team. He’s Russell’s older brother, Ryan. He’s not a barber, but your concierge manager and bartender.

He’s also the guy who pays the bills, maintains the website, works with the accountants and lawyers and sends out those emails everyone seems to love. When you visit the shop, he’s the first to warmly greet you.