How To Choose The Best Barber Shop For Your Next Haircut, Shave and Beard Trim

When you go to a barber shop, it’s only for a few reasons: to get the best haircut, shave or beard trim. Rarely will it be any other option. And the top goal is always to get version of one of those services. So, here are the three best ways to evaluate your barber shops, plus one unconventional way that will always get you a good result.

Ask A Friend

Obviously, if you’re shopping for a barber, you obviously have at least one friend who has an awesome hair style. Ask him to refer you to his barber. He’ll give you the name and number of either the barber or the shop. Whoever, he recommends, try it out.


Say, you don’t have anyone to ask at the moment. The next thing to do is to search for “barber shops near me” in your preferred search engine. You’ll get results for local barber shops with a Google Maps rating for each of them. Now, you can obviously evaluate a barber shop by its ratings. But, you need to make sure it’s not just average customers leaving 5 star reviews because they got a $5 discount for doing so. That’ll be hard to determine, so to evaluate their ability to do haircuts, shaves and beard trims, you’ll want to visit their social media profiles and website to scour for samples of their work. Then go with your gut.

Walking down the street

Say, you need a haircut, beard trim or shave right now and you’re passing an area that has a lot of barber shops. The easiest thing to do is check which is the busiest. That’s the one you want to try out. Now, make sure they’re not just busy because they have no idea how to manage incoming and outgoing clients. Look for a place that has a receptionist, several barbers who are all occupied with a client. a few clients waiting in the waiting area and a generally clean space. Check out how people look when they walk out of the shop. Are they happy, excited, looking good? Then try the place out.

The Unconventional Method

The unconventional way is to check the barber’s reputation at the shop. This is a little tricky. The best way is a combination of reviewing the Google ratings, checking their social for their work, and then reading about the barber profile. If you can find out if the barbers are on rent or if they’re paid a hefty salary, you’re likely to get an amazing haircut, beard trim or shave. Or, if you can’t find that out, if the barber is working but its near impossible to get a seat with him, then that’s the guy to try out.

A good barber knows that his reputation is what gives him his income. He cannot afford to render one bad haircut because it can spill over into his earnings.

Hopefully, all of the above is useful for you when searching for a barber shop.

Of course, the best method to try and discover the best barber shop is to visit a bunch in your area and see how all the barbers treat you and what kind of result they give you. It’ll take a little bit of time and upfront cost, but in the end, you’ll find your barber for life.

At Goldwyn & Sons, we only employ top notch barbers that are OCD about their craft. When you visit us, we make sure to check off all the boxes when it comes to being evaluated. You’ll see when you visit.

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