Father’s Day

Who is that man that held you when you were a baby? Who kissed your forehead when you slept? Who gave you hugs and told you he loved you day after day?

That man is your father.

But, if you ask your Dad what he’d like for Father’s Day, he’d probably say, “Nothing kiddo, just come say hi.”

Well, it’s time to give him something he won’t forget, a treasured gift that he’ll associate with you for the rest of his life: The Albin.

You’ll be his favorite child, but more than that, you’ll finally have the chance to express your heart and give him a chance to be pampered the way he deserves.

And as a Bonus (!), let us know ahead of time that you booked through this ad, and we’ll pour your Dad a serving of our most top shelf liquor – for free!

That’s our most expensive stuff.

Buy that gift card now in preparation for Father’s Day week!

It’s risk free and the gift card never expires.

The Albin is Goldwyn & Sons’ top premium grooming service.

(1) As soon as your dad enters the shop, he’ll be greeted and gifted a drink of his choice from our bar.

(2) Then he’ll be taken to his barber seat and cared for by Oakville’s most talented barbers to enjoy a haircut, beard trim (or face shave if he chooses), hair wash, clean up and style.

(3) Finally, he’ll be able to check out in peace as the service comes to an end.

We guarantee you that he’ll love the environment, the team and the experience here (otherwise it’s free).

Your Dad is going to experience something he’s never seen from any barber shop.