Cash Flow Fast Track

REVEALED: How To Build A Business That Fattens Your Wallet

Do you dislike your job?

Do you hate that long and time-wasting commute?

Is your day just another blah day?

Do you dream about starting your own business?

Then, I have something for you: the opportunity to escape the rat race and pursue that dream.

The opportunity to build a cash flowing small business and achieve what 95% of the whole world never achieves: happiness, prosperity and peace.

Here is that opportunity.

If I offered to teach you how you can build a business in a field you were interested in that consistently generated cash flow into your pocket, month after month, would you take me on this offer?

Rest assured, there’s no need to worry about:

  • The possibility of failure. If you follow the process and specifically the steps of sales process engineering, I dare say, you will engineer out failure.
  • The possibility of going bankrupt. If you follow the process and specifically money management, I dare say, you will always accrue a profit.

Entrepreneurs have used this process to create multi-million dollar businesses! And we have used this process to help my brother build a cash flowing barber shop (during COVID!) and we’re using this process to launch Oakville’s first speakeasy!

You can always start your business on your own. You can always learn the lessons through time. But there are faster ways to get ahead and this program is one of them!

It helps you build out a business step by step, test by test, until sales are predictable and continuous, the dream outcome of all small business owners.

Just follow the process in the Cash Flow Fast Track program.

The Common Story Of Entrepreneurs

Listen, I know you hate the rat race.

Waking up early for someone’s dreams, working hard, coming home, doing chores, going to sleep.

Just so you can save enough money and time off to go on vacation.

Only to repeat the process when you come back home.
Aren’t you better than this!? Don’t you deserve more!?

So, I urge you to start your own business.

But I know why most people don’t.

Because the majority of small businesses fail.

Some of them catastrophically. Bankruptcies, divorces, repossessions and foreclosures.

We’re all terrified of that.

Imagine quitting your job, investing $100,000 into your business, struggling for 3 years and then…shutting it all down

That’s actually the normal experience for entrepreneurs.

Why Is It Like That?

Small businesses fail because they are built around a product and not purpose. When the product has to change due to a change in the market, the business collapses.

Small businesses fail because of poor cash flow management. They don’t manage their finances correctly and they run out of cash to run their business.

Small businesses fail because the owner burns out. They don’t know where to go anymore and the pressure mounts until they break.

If only they followed the fundamentals, they would be successful.

That’s why we developed the Cash Flow Fast Track, to document and teach these fundamentals in an easy to digest manner.

What You’ll Learn

With the Cash Flow Fast Track:

You’ll build a company around goals, purpose, core values, and milestones – so you never fail from burn out.

You’ll build a company that knows and loves its ideal market – so you never fail from losing customers.

You’ll build a company that builds solutions your customers want, with an offer so compelling, it’ll sell itself – so you never fail from selling things that don’t sell.

You’ll build a company that can acquire customers at a profit before you even open a physical store through sales process engineering – so you actually predict (and dare I say, CONTROL) sales.

You’ll learn about price psychology, the buyer’s decision process, content marketing strategy, advertising theory, cash flow management, customer experience, and talent management (hiring, firing, promoting and employee motivation), among many important topics.

Many people spend years in the trenches learning these lessons first hand. In the Cash Flow Fast Track, you get this information given to you in a way that is easy to understand and easy to execute!

Starting a business that is cash flow positive is simply starting a business that has strong foundations.

That’s what this program does for you.

Knowing What Others Don’t

It’s possible!

But it’s about knowing what most people don’t.

In this course, I’ll share with you what I learned in creating a cash flow positive business even during COVID.

I want to give you what’s called information leverage.

Confucious said, “He who knows but does not do, does not know.”

Most people go cash flow negative because they do not know the secrets I’m sharing in this mini-course.

Instead of their business making them money while they sleep, it’s robbing them while they work!

You can avoid that with the  Cash Flow Fast Track! 


All those people that said you couldn’t do it.

All those vacations you can finally go on.

All that time you can spend with your family and children.

All those memories you can finally make!

All because you knew what to do and actually did it.

 That’s what this course is all about! 


Here’s my guarantee.

With this course, you will create a cash flow positive business that will pay for your vacations.

But, if by Chapter 10, you still don’t think it’s possible, then email me at indicating you want a refund and I’ll refund you, no questions asked.


There are other alternatives of course.

You could ask friends and family. But you know they’ll just tell you not to do it.

You could check online videos. But you’ll get overloaded with information and no one will teach you how to start.

You could join local business networks. But most of them are filled with owners who cannot take a vacation, whose businesses are cash flow negative or who are close to closing.

You could join reputable masterminds, networks and clubs, but that’ll cost well over $10k / year.

Or…you could get  Cash Flow Fast Track  for $9.97.


$9.97, the price of two coffees.

Will you sacrifice two coffees for a dream future that will last for decades?

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